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New Pups at the Farm!

Have you met our new puppies (now nine months old) at Heartland Farm.  They are litter mates (now neutered) from our neighbor’s farm: a mix of Brittany spaniel and Australian Blue Heeler:   Lennie (male) and Lily (female – with the white streak on her nose).

They  look so innocent here – but they really are still puppies: = rascals!


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Another Fiber program: Knitting group from Russell, KS

 Some members of the Thursday Knitting Club from Russell, KS who came for a fiber program to learn about Knooking!

While the group decided they still preferred the traditional method of knitting over the Knook (knitting with a crochet hook) they still enjoyed the rest of their time at the Farm – especially with the alpacas!  Here Goldylocks is trying to get into one of the ladies’ pockets!

Is Goldylocks whispering in Diane’s ear, or is she trying to get the earrings?

The two youngest alpacas, both born in 2011:   Sr. Terry reaching out to Harry Potter, and Diane petting Hermione.

The  ladies of the Thursday Knitting Club with Sr. Terry in the Silo.

Everyone enjoyed the day!

Another of the fiber works at Heartland Farm is Sr. Mary Ellen spinning alpaca fleece.  The Russell group found watching her fascinating.

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FiberSpace Program Series

This is one of he first FiberSpace programs offered:  loom weaving. Here Sr. Jane is helping one of the participants to set up the loom.

Participants watching Sr. Jane instruct on the use of the loom.

Participants working on the looms.

Close to finishing!

Janet and Catherine wearing their newly completed woven scarves!

Kim modeling her woven scarf!

The second FiberSpace program: Sr. Jane is helping Hazel with weaving while Sr. Joan instructs Carolyn on bobbin lace making.

Hazel with the woven runner she made!

Carolyn with the two bobbin lace book-marks she made!

Sr. Terry working with Scott and Penny on crocheting and knitting.

All of these fiber programs have been fun to offer and take during the winter months.


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Winter Labyrinth Walk

Our February program was a Winter Labyrinth Walk.  Sr. Marilyn gave a short program on walking the Labyrinth, and then the participants went out for a prayerful walk into the center of the labyrinth mowed into our pasture, time for reflection in the center, and then the walk out.  Everyone then came back to the Straw Bale Art Studio, for a cup of warm cocoa, and to share ideas and reactions to the program.

Sr. Marilyn is explaining about the labyrinth to the group of interested persons in the first picture.

Walking the path of the labyrinth.

Spending time in the center of the labyrinth.

Sharing in the Straw Bale Art Studio.


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