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On Saturday, Sept. we had Open Farm Day at Heartland Farm. in conjuction with National Alpaca Day.  Starting at 10:00 a.m. – right through 4:00 pm, we had a steady stream of people come to see what “makes up” Heartland Farm.  Besides the Farm Community, we had three very energetic volunteers who helped.  Here are a few of the pictures of the day – more will be coming in the next post.Farm Girls Corn (WinCE)

Michelle and Shana shelling pop corn grown in the front garden, while they wait to serve customers purchasing items for sale on the platform by the silo.Homemades (WinCE)Some of the items for sale.

Jane Weaves (WinCE) Sr. Jane is giving a weaving demonstration.

On the loom at present is weaving that

will be made into purses.

Here, Lanora Graves, volunteer to

Heartland Farm from Wichita,

gives spinning demonstrations.

Lanora Demo (WinCE)


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The Swinging Tree

IM000360 (Small)

In our pasture,  just over the bridge crossing the creek,  is our wonderful swinging tree. Some visitors who were here a few years ago, and who know such things, advise that this Ash Tree is around 200 years old. It takes several folks to span her girth!  She laid a branch down, a long time ago  (?as a result of lightning strike?) and the branch still lives and bears leaves, and tolerates kids of all ages and hearts to climb.

IM000365 (Small)

Jumping off the branch onto the swing is another favorite activity!

IM000364 (Small)

Yep!  Four  can encircle her!

Come to Heartland Farm sometime and enjoy the Swinging Tree!

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