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Sr. Margarita Cortez, our new volunteer…

We have a Dominican Sister from Mexico, who works in Juarez, Mexico, here for a month of volunteer work.  Sr. Margarita Cortez is a happy, fun-filled, hard working woman!  She loves to help with the alpacas, but also weeds in the front garden, cooks, and helps clean house,  We have many laughs when we Sisters  play cards or  Farkle in the evenings, too!  Here are a few pictures of her working with the alpacas:Making friends with “tan boy”.

Sr. Margarita posing with Marshfellow, who is white, but has just come out of the muddy pond where he was cooling off!

Putting brome hay in the feeder for the girls.

The alpacas have come to know and love her.  And she doesn’t mind at all doing the daily chores, such as scooping poop!


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The water “fountain” in the pasture

When the alpacas go to the pasture, the boys can go into the small pond by the windmill, but the girls are fenced off in a separate area of the pasture, so we ran a water line to their area, and feed water from the windmill into a tub for drinking, and to make a small water area for them to cool their bellies, where the temperature regulator of their body is.

Earlyne likes to drink right from the “fountain” as the water is cold, coming out of the hose to the tub:

The water overflows from the tub and eventually fills up the rocky area so that all nine female alpacas can get into it when they need to cool off.

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More pictures of our new cria born June 21

We have such fun with this new cria, who still goes by the nickname “tan boy” while we decide on a name for him.  He is a very independent fellow, but yet, sleeps like a baby!

He has just finished nursing, and is falling asleep while mom keeps on browsing.

Mom checks on him while he falls asleep!

He is “sleeping like a baby!”  Just as he should.  He is now almost a month old, and gives us many laughs!

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