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Great Bend Christmas Parade

For the second year now, Heartland Farm joined the Dominican Sisters  in town for the city of Great Bend,’s Christmas Parade.  The theme this year was “Grandma’s Kitchen”.  We wanted to also have a nativity scene, with the children and grandchildren of our staff  in the infirmary portraying the nativity.  The alpacas came on with the “three kings”

Our entry in the parade took first prize in two categories, and second prize  in another.  We chose to divide the prize money with the Food Bank.

Enjoy the pictures:




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Pumpkin Carving

A group of our younger members spent a fun Saturday evening carving pumpkins recently.  They decided to make a nativity scene using carved pumpkins, so each one took a character and carved a pumpkin to look like that character, in their own interpretation.  The pictures say it all…katie-pics-033-small1


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Heartland Farm Family

Here is a picture of our family here at Heartland Farm as of Dec. 7, 2008.  We  had our Christmas party for our family a bit early, because Erin had to leave to go to MO on Dec. 12.  katie-pics-009-small


Another picture:  Erin is playing and we are all singing Christmas Carols in the living room at Spruce House.


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