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I walked the labryinth today…

I walked the labyrinth today.

October is a golden time to go to the labyrinth.

Our labyrinth is mowed into the native grasses of our peaceful prairie,

where now the grasses are bent over with

full seed pods, ready to burst.

I did not intend to go to the labyrinth;

it beckoned me when I walked to the

pasture to check on the alpacas.

This refection came to me as I walked the

circular mile:

“Endings hold within themselves

the promise of new beginnings.”

Yes, October is a golden time to walk the labyrinth!


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Welcome to Heartland Farm’s weblog!

Last month two women from Turtle Rock Farm in Red Rock, OK. visited Heartland Farm, and later wrote about us on their blog site.  We looked at this site, and realized that we, too, would like to have a blog site, with which we could tell you, and all our friends, about daily happenings here at Heartland Farm.  WELCOME!

Heartland Farm, established in 1988 as a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Great Bend, KS and  situated 14 miles west of Great Bend, is an 80-acre working farm. It is home for an intentional ecumenical Christian Community of adults and families  who believe in and work for an interdependent healing of the earth and care of persons .  At present 12 persons reside in the five homes and cottages,  and a guest house welcomes guests for retreats or visits.  Please visit our web-sites at and  for more information.

In 2003 we brought alpacas to share the farm space with us, starting with three.  Now we have 16!  Our 32-acre pasture has mowed walking paths, two ponds, a labyrinth, a straw-bale hermitage powered by a solar panel, a creek spanned by two wooden bridges, and a wonderful ancient ash tree with a swing.  It also has great munching places for our alpacas!

Alpaca Sarendipity in the pasture

Alpaca Sarendipity in the pasture

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