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Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivera National Wildlife Refuge

A special pleasure of living in this area is the opportunity to visit Cheyenne Bottoms a 30 minute drive from Heartland Farm  and Quivera National Wildlife Refuge about a 60 minute drive from here.  These are both migration stopovers for migratory water fowl and shore birds, as well as winter habitat and feeding area for some of these fowl.  Pelicans, whooping cranes traveling with sand hill cranes, blue herons, and many others are wonderful to view, driving through these areas.These pictures were all taken at Jane’s birthday party at Quivira.

Visitors who stay in our guest house also like to take drives through both wetlands.  Larry is a knowledgeable and willing guide!  So is Sr. Jane!

Sr. Jane on the viewing platform at Cheyenne Bottoms:


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