2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

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Gabriela’s Visit

Gabriela Seewar from Switzerland was our first year-long international volunteer, 13 years ago.  Since her time with us, we have had 14 volunteers from  12 countries spend a year as volunteers here, through the auspices of the Mennonite Central Committee’s ” International Visitors’  Experience Program”.

Gabriela is now married to Samur Chelli in Biel, Switzerland, and came in February with their three year old daughter TinHinan to visit us here at the Farm.  Some days were very lovely, and some days were very cold…and we had snow, so Gabriela, TinHinan and others built a February snowman!

On a lovely day, she went bike riding with Larry, strapping TinHinan in her carrier on her back.  TinHinan soon fell asleep!

And then, the snowman!  In the three weeks they were here visiting the weather vacillated  from spring-like to definitely winter!

This picture was taken on Feb. 11th, the day we left for Wichita, to take them to the plane to go home.


Tin Hinan has her purse and is ready to travel back to her home and her daddy! Sr.  Terry is ready to drive them to Wichita to board their plane.

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January, 2011

Time flies when we are having fun!  One day in January Neil Von Feldt, who frequently purchases alfalfa hay from us for his horses, one llama, and a few calves, came with his son and grandchildren to pick up the last of 2010 alfalfa bales.  The pictures tell the story!Neil and the kids in the hay barn at Heartland Farm

Neil’s son directing his children in loading the hay.

On Her Own!

She wants to do one on her own, just like her dad!

She really wants to do this!

Well, my brothers can help!

And the hay is nearly loaded!  A good way to start off the new year!

Thanks, Neil!  We really like having you and your family, and animals, for customers!  Have a happy New Year!

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Ben helps with securing alpacas

Ben Reser was visiting Heartland Farm and helped with the alpaca pedicures – especially with securing the alpacas on the sling.  Sr. Annette helps him with Sweet William.  The sling made by Bernie Siebert of Maintenance at the Convent in Great Bend really works very well!

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We had a new type of sling made with which we could hold the alpacas while we trimmed toenails.  We can use this instead of a chute.  We tried it recently, and it really works very well – the alpacas do not get so spooked, as they are in a familiar area of their pen.  Jane is ready to trim Feli’s toenails, while Annette keeps her calm!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a very wonderful Thanksgiving.  We did here at Heartland Farm.  It has been very long since we have posted – no excuses!  We had a lovely volunteer for a month, a photographer – and enclose here some of her photos, as well as a group picture of our current farm community.

Silo rainbow!

Alfalfa bales next door

Two alpaca crias were born in Sept. and the three young ones love to play together.  Soon we will post pictures of Geo (born in June) Gnome and Goldylocks playing.

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Catching Up!

Summer has slipped past, and we have not updated this blog for almost two months!
Many thanks to Matt Krehbel and his crew who came for a week-end in August to help cut out unwanted locust trees (with thorns!)growing wild in the pasture, and also helped with many other chores! God bless you!

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