A New Year! 2012!

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As you can see, WordPress added the first insert to my blog since Feb. 2011.  I have very much catching up to do!   I will probably do most of it by pictures.  Hope you enjoy these pictures from Heartland Farm Events during 2011!

Campers in June with alpacas

The first week of June, 2011 was exciting, with 9 boys and girls coming every week day for day camp. they quickly took to the alpacas..and the alpacas to them!


oldy locks enjoying a hug!

She even let one youngster take a nap on her softly-fleeced shoulder!

A fun activity during camp: swimming in the pond, and harvesting the pond grass growing there:  Here is a Grass Monster!

There are also goldfish in the pond – and here one got caught!   But the fish was quickly set free after the photograph!

The grey alpaca with the white face was born in May, 2011, and named “Heri” which, in Swahili means happy.  When the children came for camp and we told them his name was Heri, they quickly said:  “Harry Potter” and that has been his name since then!  The brown alpaca behind him is Dinah, his mother, and behind her, is Trissie, his grandmother!

In September, a female alpaca baby was born.  With Harry Potter being just four months old, it seemed logical to name her Hermione!

     Hand spun alpaca yarn was dyed with jello, in the solar oven,(see jars) and then hung on the line to dry by Sr. Jane and Lila, her friend from Austin.


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2011 in review Programs at Heartland Farm

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